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Meet a Member: Local Burger

Local Burger is a growing family operated restaurant established in December 2008.

We asked, ‘Who are you?’ We started with classic burgers, and are continuously growing, expanding, and adding twists to the classics, like our captain crunch coated chicken tenders! We have built a welcoming family environment with an inclusive menu for all to enjoy.

We asked, ‘Why you do it?’ We do this because we love to take something people love; like a classic burger and reinvent it in a way that is exciting and fun for everyone involved! We have a Twisted Sister burger with peanut butter, jelly, sriracha and bacon on it! There is no better feeling than people leaving saying, "I love that place" and we hope to keep that going for years to come. We were excited to open this new location to provide more opportunities for our dedicated staff members who have been with the company for years. It truly would not be possible without all of their hard work and their dedication. 

We also have a food truck that we do a lot of catering with, from charity events, bike races, to private celebrations. There is more information on our website for how to book the food truck for those interested! 

See this review and more on their website:
New York Times
"Local Burger and Fries dispenses flame-broiled burgers and related items from its kitchen in a vintage brick building in downtown Northampton...The Valley Farm beef burger is robust, yet clean, the meat succulent without being drippy...Local also offers two non-meat options: the Northampton burger, a savory house-made patty of mushrooms, roasted red peppers, corn and other vegetables, topped with a bright tzatziki dressing; and a juicy bomb called the Amherst burger, two grilled portobello mushrooms larded with roasted red peppers and crumbled blue cheese.